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our resident artist: Caitlin Hynes

Not only does locally born Caitlin Hynes serve you your lunch with an infectious laugh and encouraging smile but she is also our in-house artist designing most of our art work in the cafe, website as well as all our event posters and product design.

However, Caitlin is so much more than just all this. Her field spans mediums from printmaking to textiles and construction. From paper to material and ceramics but that always begins with drawing.

As you walk around the cafe you will see Caitlin’s influence in a lot of our stuff. She is a massive asset to the Foodstory family and one which our continuous creativity takes us on new chapter we didn't even imagine.


our music: Anna-Mieke

Anna-Mieke Bishop is a singer/songwriter from County Wicklow, Ireland. She tours with her band Naomi Murphy and Brían Mac Gloinn and can be frequently seen performing in the musical mega of Dublin’s live music scenes as well as throughout Ireland.

Anna-Mieke is already building up an amazing catalogue of song from “The Forest song,” “Benjamin,” “Other side” and of course “Let It Be” which we used in our video advertise the change between the old cafe, the build and the new expansion we have today.

You may have guessed from the surname that Anna-Mieke is also the sister of Lara Bishop but regardless of potential favouritism here, her music really speaks for itself.