Here at Foodstory we hold a range of arts and crafts workshops throughout the year.

We have curated some of our lovely regular workshop hosts together, to produce some content for you all at home.

We have Zahra,

Our Thread Hair Braider and all-round crafter. As well as braids she is handy in many other areas. Some include : Sewing and embroidery onto her clothes and fabrics. Creates beautifully illustrated lists and pages of notes Zahra also creates origami cranes where she has made close to 1.7K

Here you will find the links to her instagram and facebook pages where she shares pictures of her creations:

Zahra’s instagram:

Zahra’s facebook:


Our in house arts and crafts teacher Ritsa has some online arts and crafts for you all as well.

Ritsa’s online arts and crafts:

Ritsa’s instagram classes:

Ritsa’s facebook classes: