Building the Cafe

Whilst our crowdfunding campaign was on going we were forced to start building the cafe with the remaining funds we had, regardless of whether we would be successful with Kickstarter. Due to a severe lack of funds, experience or even understanding of how one should go about setting up a cafe we decided that the only way we would achieve our dream, the cafe we wanted and its ethos was if we built the cafe ourselves. This decision was made on the basis that neither Lara or myself had any real building experience except craft work at school. This is why if you look closely at the decor of the cafe, the boxes on the wall and so on they are not all straight, align or have that professional edge to them.

Nevertheless the cafe was build with the help of a handyman Graeme and help from friends and family who not only helped with our crowdfunding campaign but also with the demolition and then construction of the cafe. The cafe was made from recycled material from old fences (wood along the exposed wall), palettes (benches & shelves), oil cargo crates (serving counters), second hand furniture (furniture), fruit boxes and any free wood we could find.

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The build took 3 months to complete from our move in date on Monday 11th September 2013. During this time we secured our crowdfunding budget of £10,000, recruited 8 staff members, secured stock to make food and converted a hair salon into a fully working cafe. We were also very fortunate to have an additional friend to our building campaign in the shape of a van which was leant to us by Colin Lawson Ltd for 3+ months which we affectionately called “August”, named after the month we got her.

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On Monday 11th November, 2013 Foodstory opened our doors for the first time to start our new exciting chapter.