Coffee tasting @ Foodstory

On Thursday 19th November we will be hosting our first of monthly coffee tastings as we start to look to promote the 3rd wave of coffee to Aberdeen.

The events are open sessions and we encourage the baristas community in the city and anyone who is passionate about coffee to come along and experience the existing world of coffee, coffee brewing, coffee cupping as well as different ways of filtering and roasting coffee.

For our first coffee tasting we are proud to have our house roaster Lisa from Dear GreenĀ . Established on Glasgow Green in 2011 we have been using Dear Green since the end of 2014. Lisa will be coming up to host a coffee cupping session. This is the best way to really get an idea of what a coffee tastes like. Most coffee roasters use this method to get an understanding of what flavour notes are coming through and which brew method is preferable. She will also be talking about the various beans that they use, the roast profiles and how that can effect how a coffee will taste.

Following on from this event we will be hosting monthly coffee-related events so stay tuned for further updates.