Whisky Tasting

On Monday 30th November we will be bring back our whisky tasting to the cafe which will now run as a monthly event falling on the last Monday of each month.

The whisky tasting nights are in conjunction with Nick and his team at the Aberdeen Whisky Shop on Union Street.

Each month a representative from a guest whisky distillery will host the evening as they take your taste buds on journey through wild variety of Scottish landscapes as their malts from their repertoire mix local flavours with historic distilling process. In addition to the whisky there will be light locally caught fish appetiser to match a chosen whisky of the night caught in the North Sea and provided from our local fishmonger John Milne from Delish Fish.

Spaces will be limited to 40 spaces and tickets go fast. To make sure you get your ticket email Nick at info@aberdeenwhiskyshop.co.uk.

We will take the first 40 spaces and email you back with confirmation of your place.