Our journey or maybe more appropriately our story begins in August 2013 when Lara Bishop (my business partner and best friend) and myself (Sandy McKinnon) put all our saving together and bought the small cute cafe of the same name on Rose Street from the then owner Anne-Marie Bain.

We decided to buy Foodstory as we loved the name and felt that it perfectly represented the kind of cafe we wanted to create, work in and be apart of for the future.  Lara was then manager at the time and had built up a wealth of catering experience over the years. Compare that to myself coming from a background working in insurance and charities had very little experience except watching endless episodes of River Cottage.

We quickly secured the business and started to work on a 5 year plan however weeks into the agreed purchase we were forced out of the site due to a leasing issue and found ourselves with a cafe but nowhere to put it. It was then that Lara secured the 15 Thistle Street site but with no money, and no hope of a loan from the banks we were still stuck. It was then we turned to the idea of crowdfunding through Kickstarter in order to raise some money so we could turn a former hair salon into a cafe.



Our crowdfunding campaign which reached as far as Ireland, Australia and the US as well as just up the road and the rest of the UK with supported coming from the community, friends, family, customers and our staff.