Lara’s 30 day Challenge- Day 13 and 14

2017- a FRESH new YEAR!

I’m Lara, co- founder of Foodstory Scotland.

I was feeling a bit demotivated and unchallenged towards the end of last year- 2016

So to start this year off I decided to do a 30 day challenge, a few staff and friends are getting involved too.

For the whole month of January we’re cutting out all dairy, meat, fish and refined sugar from our diet AND we’re
taking up yoga/stretches and/or mindfulness for 15-20 minutes a day.

I live/work in Aberdeen Friday to Tuesday and in live/work in Edinburgh Tuesday to Friday in case you wondered why I’m in two cities a lot of the time.

Yoga with Adriene- its great


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It’ll make you feel GREAT. Trust me. 🙂

Day 13 and 14:

Back to work in Aberdeen so I’ve been busy busy!!


Houmous and edamame beans

Mango and Lime

I took the train to Aberdeen from Edinburgh and headed to the cafe and kitchen. Lots of fun.


We had beetroot houmous and nori for lunch/snacks


A falafel based pizza with beetroot humous, caramalised onion, courgette and cashew cheese with polenta chips on the side. It was brilliant.

A great day.

Saturday- the 14th:

Crazy busy day at the cafe. I managed to eat a gluten, dairy and refined sugar free banana, chia and date scone. YUM.

Then jumped on coffees. AMAZING.

Then ran down to help with our new horse box catering truck.

Lunch: And then we explored our managers Holly’s place. Amazing. I had the vegan platters with salads and humous and chutney. Twas tasty tasty.

Dinner: Had a mini hot pot buddha bowl at the cafe and then went to cafe 52. Amazing place.

Fran and I shared pasrnip chips, humous with carrot sticks and a salad. Twas yummy.

Then did bedtime Yoga with Adriene. Perfect!