Lara’s 30 day Challenge- Day 5

2017- a FRESH new YEAR!

I’m Lara, co- founder of Foodstory.

I was feeling a bit demotivated and unchallenged towards the end of last year- 2016

So to start this year off I decided to do a 30 day challenge, a few staff and friends are getting involved too.

For the whole month of January we’re cutting out all dairy, meat, fish and refined sugar from our diet AND we’re
taking up yoga/stretches and/or mindfulness for 15-20 minutes a day.

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It’ll make you feel GREAT. Trust me. 🙂

Day 5-

Busy busy day and Adrienes Yoga was only 16 minutes long so that was great. It was a quick and easier one. Phew.

Had breakfast on the road, lots of water, mango and lime and then banana and tahini on rice crackers. Yum.

Went to source more furniture in Glasgow and Edinburgh so we had lunch on the road. I was in such rush to do Yoga that I didn’t manage to pack a picnic lunch.

It was SUCH A COLD day.


Shared a pear, kale and apple juice.

Then had

-houmous and carrots

-mexican rice with sweet corn, avocado, chilli and black bean

-then this amazing grilled cauliflower with cashew cheese and seeds.

All from Marks and Spencers. Gotta say it was pretty damn good.

I decided after that to make the food at the cafe all vegan for the whole month of January. Happy with my decision! 


Late one driving back.

So I had a few snacks in the van of prunes and dark chocolate. Ran into the shop and bought some veg and made a veg stir fry when I got home with roasted sweet potato. Quick and easy.

Fried garlic in oil

Then threw in chopped courgette, aubergine, black olive with sun blushed tomato, cumin, basil leaves, salt, pepper and water. Let it sizzle for 20 mins. Cooked until soft and kept tasting it and seasoning it. Meanwhile I threw a sweet potato in the oven for half an hour. I chopped it into 4 so it would cook faster. 🙂

It was yummy. I also spread vegan green pesto on the sweet potato too.

What a good day! 🙂