Lara’s 30 day challenge- Day 9

2017- a FRESH new YEAR!

I’m Lara, co- founder of Foodstory Scotland.

I was feeling a bit demotivated and unchallenged towards the end of last year- 2016

So to start this year off I decided to do a 30 day challenge, a few staff and friends are getting involved too.

For the whole month of January we’re cutting out all dairy, meat, fish and refined sugar from our diet AND we’re
taking up yoga/stretches and/or mindfulness for 15-20 minutes a day.

I live/work in Aberdeen Friday to Tuesday and in live/work in Edinburgh Tuesday to Friday in case you wondered why I’m in two cities a lot of the time. 

Yoga with Adriene- its great


Follow me here or on Instagram if you want to get involved too!

It’ll make you feel GREAT. Trust me. 🙂

Day 9- 

Thank you everyone hash tagging the #30 day challenge. You’re pictures are amazing!

Today was a great day. I found £20 on the pavement. How crazy is that.

Today was a great day.


Up early for work. Made a smoothie Granola bowl for Glen (interior designer- we’re working on a new project- exciting times) and I.


Cafe buzzing and good vibes everywhere. I had vegan salads and a raw nori roll full of sauerkraut(so good for you)

Walked the 25 minute back home. Did my Day 9 of Yoga- This was tough but I actually looked forward to it. And then BEACH.

Incredible. The moon was there and the sun was setting and the pinky colour again the sea was beautiful.


Ran back to cafe for staff meeting and then I worked the vegan chesse platter night. I love Mondays in the cafe. They are so chilled and calm. Niall one of our staff members played the piano.

I had a Buddha bowl- brown rice, vegan chilli, cashew cheese, superfood salad, vegan tzatziki, rocket, refried beans and baba ghanoush. 

Ingredients of

Cashew cheese: 

soaked cashews

nutrional yeast flakes

dried onion flakes

sea salt


olive oil

Refried beans:

black eyed beans

red onion



smoked paprika



lemon juice

A great day! Up at 5am tomorrow to make sour dough bread! 

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