Kickstarter Campaign

Our story begins...

Our journey or maybe more appropriately our story begins in August 2013 when Lara Bishop (my business partner and best friend) and myself (Sandy McKinnon) put all our saving together and bought the small cute cafe of the same name on Rose Street from the then owner Anne-Marie Bain.

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Building the Cafe

Creating something from nothing...

Whilst our crowdfunding campaign was on going we were forced to start building the cafe with the remaining funds we had, regardless of whether we would be successful with Kickstarter.

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The Second Unit

Where we play, create and have fun with food...

One of the things that we here at Foodstory are very proud of and passionate about is that we make all our own food, from our soups, salads and wraps right down to our pestos, dressings and cakes.

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The Van

The heavy lifter...

With the logistical problems of having one site which feeds the other transportation between the two is key to run the business.

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The Extension

When the wall came down...

In early 2015 we were lucky enough to take on the Fenner & Coburn’s site at 13 Thistle Street which allowed us to look at expanding the cafe by knocking the wall down between the two sites.

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