The Second Unit

One of the things we are very proud of and passionate about is that we make nearly all of our own food, from our soups, salads, sourdough, flatbreads right down to our pestos, dressings and cakes. We buy in local jams, pastry and eggs and buy our grains, nuts and flours from a big whole foods market in Glasgow.
Following such a ethos and policy creates it’s own set of problems and challenges. One major one is space to do all this stuff, particularly when you have designed the cafe based on seating and the kitchen was more of an after thought.

In the March of 2014 we luckily found a site which was not only cheap but came fully kitted and only a few blocks away. The space needed a lot of work but by the end of April 2014 it was in operation moving all our food production down the road to the new site which still holds the original name of Simbiosis on the outside.




We recruited some additional staff who were as passionate about food as we were and set up our kitchen operation which we affectionately refer to as the “Second Unit”. This is the heart of the cafe, which makes all our food you see and eat in the cafe. However after two years the site is now too small and in February 2016 we moved the cafe to a larger site to make our own bespoke kitchen premises to allow us to expand our menu and offer a better, wider variety of food.