The Van

With the logistical problems of having two sites, one site which feeds the other, transportation between the two is key to run the business. Like when we built the cafe, having a vehicle which can do all that is asked of it and still take you home at the end of the day has always been a key member of the team. When we returned our van back to Colin Lawson we looked at alternative vehicles until we were finally able to purchase our own vehicle in the form of a VW transporter van.

Our van or (Euweeee as we affectionately call it) is the heavy lifter of the team. You will see it around key times in the day when it is loading and unloading food between the two sites.


I know it might be a weird one to have a small section on a van, particularly since we haven’t even spent much time on it with the logo, colour scheme or any nice add-ons but the van has been and still is a major part of our business. It has been a delivery vehicle, a construction vehicle, catering truck, camper van and has travelled around Scotland and even further afield, to Ireland.